Raising money for your group at Distracted is easy when your team is ready to volunteer their time and have fun. Volunteers will enjoy learning how to scare people as a costumed character in the haunted house!

In exchange for this commitment Distracted will provide an online ticket link for your group supporters to purchase tickets from for the entirety of the 6 week season.

Every ticket that is sold from your online link will be tracked and your group will receive an agreed upon percentage per ticket. With Distracted’s popularity and excellent location at Levis Commons there are thousands of tickets sold each year and your group could earn a lot just by sharing the link with friends and family.

Many volunteers end up coming back more than a few nights just because of the fun experience they had but there's no obligation to do so.

For more information or to sign up call Scott Francis at (419) 463-BOOO (2666).